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10th of September 2021, a Friday

So today was the last day of school. So it was a day that was happy and sad. Why. First of, I won't have attend the meetings anymore, I can sleep late, I don't have to do school work, etc. Those things speak for themselves. And on the contrary, I won't be able to chat with my friends as much which is disappointing.

So what did we do today? First of we had humanities. Second we had tech. In tech we got an assignment to do a stop motion animation in PowerPoint that has at least 300 slides and a story. Hard and worst of all today was 1 of 2 lessons we had to work on it and in the start of the lesson we did a survey about the next topic.

After recess we had sport. Next we had Italian. For lunch I had muter paneer with roti. It was delicious. After lunch we had English. In English we did a Kahoot about what we'd been learning. to find and play a Kahoot and start Kahoot with AI or to play a Kahoot someone started but you need them to give you the pin first.

After school was over for the term I noticed the construction workers next door. They'd banged in part of our fence. Soon enough my baby sister came home with my mum and we played with a plastic frog. I got it to jump over my head! Later we watch a movie called 'Extinction'. We had Kheer for dinner.

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