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11th of September 2021, a Saturday

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

Today was the first day of the holidays, and a good day to. For breakfast we had baked beans, toast and eggs. We call it special breakfast. Later we had a mostly eventless day. I also finished 'The Book of Chance'.

Soon came lunch, we had chicken for lunch. I am not certified to cook multi layered chicken. the outside and inner outside were cooked but the entire middle was raw. I lost my apatite. We went for a short walk. We again had a pretty eventless evening but we did get a Covid-19 test. It was very nerve-racking but all it really was, was just a bit of a tickle/irritation in your nose.

Why? Because at my baby sister childcare their was one staff infected and we only found out today. Worrying. I did about an hour of study and about 12 minutes were based on 8 question. For dinner I had toast and aloo paneer. Covid-19 is getting very high and we might not be able to have a good holidays. As I said our day was pretty eventless .

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