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12th of September 2021, a Sunday

Today was a less eventless day. Why? Well we had special breakfast for starters. Later my mum told me about a job at apple called an At Home Advisor. I couldn't find it anywhere but Singapore where I do not live. Later she suggested that I monetise this blog. but that would cost more than I could make from it.

For lunch we had kheer and aloo paneer with toast. After that we played outside for a while and then my dad went to sleep for more than an hour. Me and my sister played with some of our toys. My sister broke one of her homemade pom-poms my mum made for her, and a pair of fairy wings. Both on accident.

Soon we did some exercise. 100 star jumps. 200 skips. And a quite a bit of stretching. We talked with some relatives in India. For dinner I had a chicken snitchel and a lado ( an Indian sweet). My dad asked me to make my baby sister toast halfway through but he buttered it for her. Later My mum and I decided to watch a movie. My mum also started reading 'The Book of Chance'.

Okay so let me tell you a bit about me. I am an almost 13 year old boy that lives with his mum, dad and baby sister who is about 1 and a 1/2 years old. I really like maths and science and contrary to popular belief maths is kinda fun.

So before going to sleep me, my mum and my baby sister started a movie called 'The Champions Heart'. It's a movie about a girl who crashes a quad runner into a horse rescue shelter and ends up having to work there to pay of the damage she caused. Along the way she ends up meeting a horse called Tux who she befriends and starts to learn how to ride. She prepare to participate in a competition but the horse fracture a bone in it's leg. I haven't finished the movie yet but I will tomorrow.

And that was a much more exiting day than yesterday.

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