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2021 Recap

2021 has been an annoying year for all most all of us with a global Covid-19 pandemic, if your country wasn't directly affect by this pandemic due to border restriction or isolation, then any holiday plans sure where.

With all these lockdowns around the world people have started to work from more than ever, and students learn from home for a second year. Staying at home has given people time to do things that they couldn't do before, like play with their kids on their break, or not having to ask the teacher for permission to go to the toilet.

Some people like me have started to make side-project (for example this blog, or like some of my friends a youtube channel). Some people have made great use of their spare time and learnt a new skill (or if your like me tried to learn a new skill but didn't follow through with it). Others have used this time to improve on things they already know. But one thing the vast majority have missed out on is socialisation.

Now onto me and this blog.

I had made this blog as a project to record small moments in my life and to improve my writing abilities. I would say I have improved my writing by a substantial amount. for example my latest post is a lot better than my first post I have also tried to learn more about technology and I can now confidently say i know how to evaluate a computer's specs much better than before. The table belows shows the difference.



I would think as all 32gb of ran to be better than 28gb or ram.

I now know that DDR5 28gb ram would in most circumstances be better than a DDR4 or DDR3 32gb ram.

I would just think about how many cores a cpu has.

I now will also look into the speed of a cpu.

I used to think the more space a drive had the better.

I now know that speed is also an important factor in drive, its the one thing that makes SSDs better than HDD even though HDD usually has more storage.

I would love for you to tell me about any projects you've taken on or anything you've gotten better at in the comments below.

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