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5th of September, 2021, a Sunday

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

So today is Fathers Day. What did I do? The first thing we did was get our gifts ready. Since we woke up early our dad wasn't awake yet, so me and my baby sister got our gifts ready and then my baby sister woke up my dad. She looked so cute!

I'd given him a paper mask while my sister had given him a card with a paper tie on the front. Later my mum and I made breakfast for all of us. And my baby sister was giving me the herbs and spices I needed. Later my parents started watching the news while I walked with my baby sister. Soon after breakfast we started watching a movie and it was good. As soon as we finished the movie though, my baby sister had a tantrum.

Soon enough it was lunch time and with our vanilla cookie batter being way to soft and mushy we decided to instead eat some corn fritters with chicken chips. After lunch though we managed to fix our cookie batter and make our first batch of cookies. And we prepped the second batch and realised the first batch is going to take a lot longer to cook than we originally thought :( Luckily the cookies were amazing. It made the wait and work worth it. We made 4 batches of different sized, and shaped cookies. We ate them.

Then my dad and I watched a movie call 'The Stand at Paxton County' which is a true story based film that can cause some minor distrust in authority figures. I'd also completed a unity microgame but that's nothing compared to my goal of making a game from scratch. A microgame is a game that has been made for you and then you make some really small changes, like change the colour of the floor through colour slider, or changing the gravity force that affects the player by replacing a highlighted number.

For dinner me and my family had aloo puri ( an Indian dish). It was small, delicious, and very filling. My sister didn't eat much because she wanted to eat carrots instead, which to me felt like a silly decision. So that was my fun fathers day.

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