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6th of September 2021, A Monday

So today is the first day of remote learning that I'm actually writing on the day. A lot of the feelings that came at the beginning of remote learning are gone. So what did I do? First of we had homeroom (HRM). It's the first role call of the day and a sort of pre-school briefing. Next we had music. We were finishing of unfinished work.

Next we had maths. There are probably a lot of people out there who hate maths but I don't really see their point. Next we had English and then science. We had a cool and important assignment for science and I liked it. On a website called is were the teacher set the assignment up. At the end of the day we had health and sport (1 subject). For lunch I had some aloo puri from last night

After school I played with my sister with a toy called 'Plugging Flowers'. It's like Lego but more kid friendly. I also helped my mum set up an e-reading service on my parents laptop. We don't have any desktops because it's just a bulkier more portable version of a laptop. Well I guess it does almost always have better specs and can also use ethernet. Later I read an e-book about getting better at drawing. It had about 50 different things to do, the 3 most important in my opinion are to draw 1 thing a day for a year, to never give up no matter how bad your drawings look, and to draw in basic geometric shapes.

I also worked on a unity tutorial called 'Creator Kit: Puzzle' but I never got around to finishing it. For dinner I had crumbed tofu. *yum*.

Note: I've had to leave this incomplete due to how late it is as I am writing this.

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