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9/4/2021 A Saterday

What is an average Saturday like for me. Well first thing in the morning after waking up, getting change, etc. I go to my parents bedroom for a bit to play with my baby sister before we have breakfast. Today I made breakfast for everybody and it was delicious. I also read a diary I'd written for a year and a half and started 2 years ago. Later I started making this website and made my first blog post. I had lasagne for lunch.

So this wasn't an average Saturday but it's close enough. I also reinstalled Unity (a game engine which is used to create games, videos and more) for the 4th time and vowed to learn how to use it. The sad part is that all the tutorials are on the 2020 version which doesn't work on my pc. But I can use the 2021 version. I hope the 2019 version works as well. I made a chicken burger for dinner. Not as good as lunch but still good. I hope that it works tommorow.

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