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9th of September 2021, a Thursday. R U OK day

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Today was the second last day of school. It was also R U OK day. Yesterday wasn't. We had an assembly yesterday but not R U OK day. First of all we had English and we worked on our Cinderella TEEL paragraph. Second we had music but at this point it should just be renamed 'Music and Genre Analysis'. After recess we had maths, we did a geometry quiz.

Soon after we had rave (Religious And Values Education). For lunch I had the same pizza. After lunch we had science and we learnt about cells.

After school had ended I went in the backyard to play. Soon my baby sister was back home and I was playing with her. We also started to play with some Hot Wheels I hadn't played with for ages. We had aloo paneer with roti for lunch. My mother also kept worrying about my little sister falling asleep while doing things like riding a scooter or walking.

I continued to read the book of chance.

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