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Today I had gone to The Kilmore International School. This is a very unusual situation due to the fact that this hasn't been possible for the past two years. I had a lot of fun and did a lot of new things.

First thing we did was an introduction with the principal, afterwards we went to our orientation and introduced ourselves with other people as well as playing some games. After this we had snack.

After snack we did LOTE (Languages Other Than English). Since each period is just under an hour and we had to get into our classes and learn our timetable, each of the three LOTE classes (Indonesian, Chinese, and Hindi) lasted 15 minutes. My preference was Hindi. After this we discussed exams for a bit and then our tech teacher told us about the MacBook's that we will be getting as well as the policy on phones.

Overall I had a very good day and am very exited to be going to my new school next year.

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