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A Day in the Park

Today we had another delicious beans, eggs and toast breakfast. We played outdoors in our backyard after breakfast and my mum fixed my baby sisters giraffes nose, my mum also made a headband for my baby sister.

We watched a movie called 'A Dogs Way Home'. It's a movie about a dog who is sent to his owners grandparents because the city his owner lives in has a law that certified pit bulls can be killed by police or animal control because they are dangerous animals. To be a certified pit bull a dog has to be called a pit bull by at least 3 officers.

soon after we had lunch and a incredible cheese pizza. It was home made too. After that we decided to go to the park. My baby sister ended up playing with another kid her age there while I played with a boomerang that we had lost weeks ago. Me and my baby sister played soccer. She was pretty good for her age.

After the park played with some Beyblades. Me and my sister played hide and seek and then we played tag. After all that, we had an amazing chicken burger of sorts. It's a bread semi-circle with space in the centre to stuff it.

Fun Fact About Me: My favourite colour is either jet black or cerulean blue.

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