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A family friends birthday party.

Yesterday we had gone to a family friends birthday party. It was a party for a five year old girl. My little sister had a lot of fun at the party. There where about eight other kids at the party. Most of them where younger than me by quite a lot. Only one was younger than my little sister.

First thing we had all done in the party was do a competition where we all say something and get a score. It was meant to be boys vs girls but they never announced who won. Secondly, we played musical statues. The kids had chosen about three to four different songs. Soon after we had cake. It was a tuti fruti cake. Afterward we played a variation of cops-and-robbers outdoors.

Overall we had had a very fun day.

I had also realised the next thing by reading a typo.

My brain and hopefully yours had thought that the the apple was tasty and there were two the's.

Reread it carefully if you don't understand.

Another example

Brian was brilliant student.

It is missing an a but you probably read it like it had one.

This was very confusing to me and might be the the next blog post.

Again two the's.

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