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An Exciting Day Today

Today was an unusual day. We experienced the biggest earthquake ever recorded in Victoria. Luckily we were quite far away from the damage and only experienced some mild shaking for about a minute. It was a 5.8 on the Richter scale, with a 4.0 and a 3.8 aftershock. I hadn't felt the aftershocks

I had also had a second Covid-19 test yesterday. My sister also had her first one yesterday. We had (luckily) all tested negative. Our first test was when my baby sisters daycare had become a tier 2 exposure site. 2 days ago it had become a tier 1 exposure site which was the reason for our second test.

Some Rakki had arrived for me from my cousins in India. Raksha Bandhan is an Indian festival and Rakki is a type of cloth bracelet for Raksha Bandhan. Even though the festival was long past, the time it would have taken to arrive from India is still rather long making me to believe that it was sent on the day of the festival. The Rakki I had received was multiple cloths with some bead and other decorative feature on them. In the middle there was a wooden carving saying BR#1.

My Homeroom teacher Miss Chapman, had sent me a letter that had arrived today. An old school letter. Inside were 3 starbursts (yum) and a card. The card said 'Dear Japjeet, Keep up the good work. Hope to see you next term'. And sadly on the back was a Rickroll.

If you don't know what a Rickroll is it's basically the song 'Never Gonna Give You Up' or a picture of Rick Astley or a video of Rick Astley singing the song. Rick Astley is the original song creator. When you get Rick Rolled it's just a bit sad but when you Rickroll somebody else it's supposed to be funny and most of my generation (including me) would agree.

I had also read an e-version of the '130-Story Treehouse'. If you had seen my last post about books you would know that this is one of my favourite book series with my reading up to the '104-Story Treehouse'. This means that the 117 and 143 Story Treehouse are the only ones I haven't read. Once lockdown opens I hope I would be able to read these titles.

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