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I love books. I love reading novels, I love reading manga's, I like reading encyclopaedias (usually), and I love reading graphic novels. I also love to read books about suspense and adventure. Books about science and more specifically biology. Books about electronics and how to's. I only mentioned books that can come of the top of my head but there is a whole lot more.

My first book that I really enjoyed enough to enhance reading for the rest of my life was 'The 65 Story Treehouse'. This was no where near my first book but it was what got me into reading. I'd later end up reading as many books from this series as I can but now due to Covid-19 I can't buy books from this series, and now I am in secondary school I can no longer borrow these books from the school library and even if I could it would take ages to find, and my local library -the Hume library- didn't have these book in stock when I last checked.

Another series that got me to love books was 'Dog-Man'. It's intended for a younger audience but it's a great graphic novel series I would recommend for people of all ages. Some other notable books I have read recently are as followed.

Hatchet - 9/10 - An amazing books series with a total of 4 books. I have only read the first one

Trash - 9/10 - A sad and inspiring story that is full of excitement

Gone - 8/10 -A bit long but really worth the wait with missing people and emerging super powers. Also a series but I have only read the first book which is the only one with Gone in the name

The Book Of Chance - 9/10 - A heart-warming story about adoption, kidnapping, and secrets

Wings Of Fire - 9/10 - An amazing series with dragons all round. Have only read up to book 12 with a fifteenth book close to release

Catch Me When I Fall - 9/10 - A book in the future about two twins living in a world ruined by us. The theme of ruining the world is almost never there but it does exist. The main theme is the twin when they learn a dark truth about one of them

Naveed: Through My Eyes - 8/10 - An awesome book but there being no sequel and a rather large cliff-hanger does trouble me

If you have any book you would like to recommend or would like to add to this list please comment them down below.

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