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Day 1 For Any Remote Learner 04/09/2021

This is not truly the first day of remote learning but what I write is about the feeling of the first day. The first part of remote learning is the announcement of remote learning. Most kids would of heard this from their teachers but others (like me) would of heard it from their country's president/prime minister or their state governor/premier.

At first their is a whole lot of hype about not having to go to school and stay home, but this hype doesn't stay all to long. For some kids remote learning is a joyful experience. Reasons why include not having to ask the teacher to go to the toilet, Eating anything you want anytime you want, being able to play on video games during snack or lunch without an internet firewall stopping them. These were the reasons kids were so excited but they saw and heard their friends less often which was a reason kids didn't like remote learning, and a big reason it was.

This was the second part of remote learning. Many kids from my school started using a thing called discord. I was one of them. Others used messenger kids, and for a while Houseparty. Many schools started doing zoom classes but my school started using Microsoft Teams which in my opinion is better for school. The teachers or school would set up meetings and the children would join them. That is how remote learning works.

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