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Different Types of Dogs


*This Post Is Not Based On Personal Experiences*

There are hundreds of thousands if not millions of different type of dog breeds. All of them have different purposes and different pro's and con's. The most common dog breeds are the Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, German Shepard and Poodles. Of course there are much more but these are the top four world wide at the time of writing.

So what are the best types of dogs for each type of person. Well I will make a small number of groups with different needs. The groups are as followed.

First-Time Dog Owners: People who have never owned a dog before or have very little knowledge and/or experience dealing with dogs such need an easier to train dog than is loyal and willing to please.

Not Home Often: People who need a dog that doesn't mind being alone for most of the day. Not many dogs are like this so it is better to be getting two dogs unless you are a First-Time Dog Owner.

Inactive Dog Owners: These dog owners are either old, disable or inactive and such need a dog that doesn't need much exercise and has a will to please. Lap dogs often fill this category very well.

Dog Owners With Young Children: Almost all dogs are safe around children aged above 8 years of age as long as they do not purposely hurt the dog. Babies do not understand this so a dog with large amounts of patience are a big plus for this category.

Guard Dogs Owners: These dog owners want their dog to protect their home or valuables while they are away. Some dogs naturally fit this category while other can be trained to fit.

Dogs for First-Time Dog Owners

Some of the best dogs for this category are different types of retrievers, poodles and spaniels. These dogs are loyal and easy to train. These dogs also have qualities that are wanted by most types of dog owners. Poodles and retrievers are the easiest dogs to train for a First-Time Dog Owner. Poodles are also renowned as some of the smartest dogs in the world.

Dogs for Not Home Often

Not many dogs can successfully last in good mental state without much social interaction but there are exceptions. My advice would be to get two dog but this may not be possible or be a compromising situation for some. So some dog breed for these types of people are the Basset hound, the Greyhound, and the French Bulldog.

Dogs for Inactive Dog Owners

Lap dogs fit this category very well. They are dogs that do not need much exercise and love to cuddle up with their owners. Lap dogs are also great for First-Time Owners. Some Spaniels also fit this category well. the King Charles Cavalier Spaniel is a great dog that is also good for First-Time Dog Owners. It is very much able to be active and inactive making it a good allrounder. The Maltese is also a good choice being easy to train.

Dogs for Owners With Young Children.

Now young children in this sense means babies and toddlers. Now collies being very social might seem like a good choice but they are herd dog and as such might try to herd children into areas they think are safe. This might sound cute but they do this by biting. For owners fitting in this category, stick to Labrador/golden retrievers, poodles, newfoundland's, German shepherds and different types of King Charles Cavalier Spaniel.

Dogs for Owners Who Want a Guard Dog.

Now many Owners get a dog for a friend/pet and often also to have a guard dog. Some dogs like the German Shepard while others can, such as the Doberman can be trained to fit this role, and most surprising of all is that the gentle Bulldog can be a great guard dog for family with young children because of their calm and patient nature with a fake, scary image made by social media.

Now I hope you recheck all my facts but at the time they are correct. So I hope this has convinced you to get a dog. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed.

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