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Geelong Adventure Park Xmas Lights

On the second of January, we went to Adventure Park Geelong's Christmas Lights exhibition. Sadly the water rides were closed during this time so I couldn't go to any of those. But most of the land rides where still open although I only got to go on two rides. The rides where the Crazy Coaster and The Little Buggy Speedway which I went on with my little sister.

The Little Buggy Speedway is a very slow version of go karts designed for younger kids to go on or babies to go on with someone older and more responsible. Since my little sister doesn't like other people doing things for her, and since this was the first time she's ridden in anything close to go karts, she crashed at the very start and ended up making the 4 cars behind us crash into each other. After that hiccup she only crashed once more, with some help from me preventing more crashes.

After that I went on a Crazy Coaster. My first impression on this ride was that it was crazy how small the track was but after I'd ridden on it I realised that the downward parts of the roller-coaster had speed comparable to most, much larger scaled, roller coasters.

The lights though where amazing. My little sister got a multicoloured light up snowflake wand that matched with some of the light exhibits. We ate some food from one o the mini cafes, I got a lemon slice which was pretty delicious. Afterwards we had some Mcdonalds before going home.

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