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Going to the Park

Today we went to the park, which during lockdown is an incredible relief. This was allowed for quite a while but unfortunately I had not previously written about it. I will use the first park trip for my feelings and this park trip for my actions. We go to the park once or twice on the weekends.

Going to the park for the first time in ages was a huge relief. We invited a couple of family friends and had a picnic. Most of the adults were walking laps around the park while me, my sister, three family friends that were closer in age to my sister than me and one family friend that was closer in age to me. After we played for quite a while we started to eat some popcorn and the younger kids also ate teddy tots, while us older kids ate a banana in addition to the popcorn.

If you live in Melbourne, how did you feel about the lessening of covid-19 restrictions. Please comment down below.

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