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How I Feel About my New School

For those who don't know, I will be starting at a new school in a couple days. Since I am leaving a school I've been with for 8 years this is giving very mixed feelings. On one hand I am nervous about a new school and sad about leaving my friends and a place where i have done well and know almost perfectly, unlike my new school where I don't even know where my class is.

But on the other hand i am excited to go to a new and hopefully better school, make new friends, learn more, and be better. Since my new school accepts students from oversea I could make friends with a person of another nationality. I would also be able to see how quickly I adjust and how long it takes me to make some friends, thus knowing how far i have to go and how close i am.

Overall I am mostly happy about this change but still am very nervous about the people who will be there, the layout of the school and the school curriculum.

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