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How I Find My New School

For those who don't know I had transferred to a new school this year. Although it has only been one week I have found myself enjoying the school and liking most of the classes.

Maths has been relatively easy except for the fact that it is compulsory to show your working out. English is more enjoyable at this school than it was in all my other grades. History is ok, and we are leanings about the middle ages in Europe. Languages has been a bit stressful with me having to learn an entire alphabet of another language in 5 days. Sport is always fun. And lastly my favourite subject, Digital Technology. In DigiTech we are learning intermediate python coding (, which make me nervous because I don't even know beginner python. We are also learning to touch type ( which I am finding relatively simple.

At recess, lunch and any breaks I spend time playing soccer with my friends. After school we have tutorials. These are basically extra periods to finnish any homework or improve on a skill that you are having trouble with, Since I go on the bus I can only attend the first one.

Overall I have found my new school enjoyable and more academic based than my old school

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