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How to Protect the Environment?

The environment. A thing we all depend on. The thing that makes the earth stay alive. The thing we have been destroying. The average american household emits about 7.5 tons of carbon dioxide a year. 7.5 tons! Now you've seen this impact, what can you do to reduce it?

First of, your diet. Now reducing carbon dioxide isn't the only way to save the environment, reducing water usage is to. There is a thing called virtual water. It's the water that is used to produce a product. For example, it takes about 700+ litres of water (given to a cow and through feed) to produce a glass of milk.

Now what about carbon dioxide. First of you could begin to use solar/hydro/wind power instead of fossil fuels, get an electric car, and eat less animal products, buy local, buy second hand products, reuse and recycle.

Please check the comments if people have commented any more methods. If you have any, please comment any more methods.

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