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I Don't Know a Title

So today I'd heard some scary news. South Korea and Australia have started doing more military activities together. This isn't scary but the fact South Korea didn't join the quads (I don't know if it's spelt or pronounced like this) because they didn't want china to declare war against them. The quads is a group against or semi against China and includes Japan, USA, India and Australia.

My baby sister also said that she want to play with a snake. I will also be getting my Coivd-19 vaccine in about a week or two. I have also stopped doing the unity tutorial. I just can't stay focussed on something :( My mum also decided that if I did my chore to a high enough standard I would get $2 a day but I will only get paid weekly. I was very excited.

I had cheese pasta for dinner and I ate a bit too much. Luckily I was alright. Later I played with my little sister. She is really very fun to play with even if she is 10 years younger then me, she's as smart as a 5 year old which is very impressive.

Daily Fact About Me: I like to do coding quite a bit but am really not good at it unless it is scratch which is a very basic, easy to pick up language.

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