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My Dads Birthday

Today was my dads birthday!


One of the first thing we did when we woke up was wish my dad happy birthday. As we had celebrated yesterday, today didn't have as many things planned.

After breakfast we watched a movie called 'Daddy Day Care'. It is a hilarious movie about a dad and his two friends who lose their job because kids don't want vegetables for breakfast. To recover finically his wife becomes a lawyer and he looks after their kid. He soon gets an idea to start a day care to compete with the only other good day care, which is ridiculously over-priced and makes the kids miserable by preparing them for SET exams (ATAR but for America) and teaching them other languages.

For Dinner we had ordered Indian food. Specifically Shaahi Panner, with garlic naan (for me) and butter naan (for my baby sister). It was awesomely tasty. My dad had ordered Afghan chicken. My baby sister ended up saying happy birthday at least a couple dozen times.

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