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My Day Today

Today the USA, UK, and Australia made a group deal called AUKUS to help Australia build nuclear submarines after the deal with France was over a decade over-due. Today I also tried to call my friends but they didn't pick up. They did chat though but not call.

My mum has started to say that my sister is learning to act older for her age from me, and I am learning to act younger than my age from her. I don't really disagree either. My mum also let me play online for about half an hour. I used the time to play WoTB which is a less internet intensive, less data, cross-platform, less feature version of WoT.

We also learnt about the easing of Covid-19 lockdown restrictions here in Victoria if we are fully vaccinated. People in the construction industry also need at least the first dose of a vaccine to be able to work.

Fun Fact About Me: I like learning humanities which is geography mixed in with history and the like.

Bonus Fact: My baby sister is called Jasika (pronounced [Jess-e-ca])

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