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My Experience at Sovereign Hill

On the 8th of January 2022, we went to Sovereign Hill. There were a lot of different activities to do there, such as gold panning, candle dipping, horse cart rides, and a park. So what did we do there? Read on to find out! When we first arrived we took a stroll through the shopping district. Most the items looked old-fashioned or very fancy, sadly a simple bowler hat went upwards of $70 although there were many nice fashion items in the 30s. We also went past a candy shop, a grocer, a jeweller and even a cattle/horse shop.

Then we went into a free bowling saloon, but you had to reset the pins yourself. after some trouble trying to score a strike with the massive lanes we went to a candle and soap store. this is where we got to colour a lumpy or smooth candle by dipping it into hot wax then cold water.

Next We went to the horse carts. The line was ridiculously long while each ride lasted about two and a half minutes. The ride itself was pretty uneventful. After this we went to the park. My little sister and I played there for a while. They even had a life size model of the horse carts where I spent far too long trying to climb up onto one of the horses.

Overall we had an amazing time at Sovereign Hill and got some custom candles to show for it!

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