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My Favourite Celebrations

Now there are a lot of celebrations all over the world from all kinds of different religions. Since I am Sikh there will be some bias. Now what counts as a celebrations? Anything where people come together once every now and then on a easily predicable order. Election may fit into this description but they do not count as a celebration.

First of all, this is something that almost anyone would say, my birthday. Now this may not be a celebration for everyone but for me, my family and friends it is. Other people can replace this with their, or someone they care about birthday and it will be a celebration for them. Why is this so. It's to celebrate the day you came into existence. For many kids it is also special because they get might get to have a party and/or get presents.

Secondly, another thing that many other people would say is christmas. Why? Because of the same reason that birthdays are special. But since I am not christian, christmas is not special to me for being the day that Jesus was born.

And lastly Rakhi. This is an Indian specific celebration but anyone can celebrate it. On Rakhi the brothers/husbands of a family give gifts to their sisters/wives. And in return the sisters/wives tie a Rakhi (also the name of a type of bracelet) onto the brothers/husbands wrist. This is special to me because it is a religious festival but also because it is about family.

In conclusion these are my favourite festivals and celebrations.

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