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My Favourite Foods


**This post will be biased due to the fact that I am Indian and am used to Indian culture. That included food.**

There are a lot different types of food out there. Some taste amazing like pizza's while others are horrible like snails. Now I have never eaten snails and I believe no one reading has but people in France eat snails. So what are my favourite types of food? Keep reading to find out!

First of I have to mention Shahi Paneer, which is a delicious Indian dish that is commonly eaten with rice or roti (a type of Indian bread). Shahi Paneer is definitely on my top 3 must eat foods but it can be a bit pricy, so Mater Paneer might be a cheaper option tasting pretty close on the tasty scale.

Now let talk about something not Indian that more people might know about. Pizza. This is an amazing circle of flavours with millions of variations. My favourite being loaded peperoni or bbq meat lovers. Both can be found at dominos, my favourite pizza place. I usually add Indian butter sauce to both of these and occasionally a cheesy crust.

Now lets talk about drinks. Mango Lassi is my absolute favourite drink in the world. I do not know how to describe it but you would just have to try it to understand. My second favourite is a strawberry thickshake for the same reason.

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