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My favourite things to do.

Lots of people have free time. Different people spend it in different ways. Some people like to read books, some people like to read books, others like to watch movies, and some like to do nothing. I am not the type of person that likes to do nothing.

So what do I like to do? Well reading books is one thing I like to do and am often able to do. What kind of books do I like to read? Usually any fiction, adventure, fantasy or most non-fiction books that I have not yet read.

Another thing that I enjoy doing is watching movies/ videos although I often do not have enough time for this. I enjoy many different types of movies but most often I enjoy are sci-fi, action, real-story based and documentary.

One more thing that I like to do is to play with my little sister. This is obvious why I enjoy this but for those less fortunate to not have a younger sibling I will explain why. My little sister is a caring young girl who loves to have fun and play and often I have fun as well.

Those are some things I like to do in my free time. Write your own answer in the comments below.

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