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My Favourite Video Games and Why

I really like to play video games. They are a very good, usually social, form of entertainment. Now there are a lot of video games in the world; horror games, FPS (first person shooter), RPG's (role playing games), JRPG (Japanese role playing), Platformers, MMO (Massively Online Multiplayer and it is typed MMO not MOM), MMORPG (Massively Online Multiplayer Role Playing Game), Sandbox, RTS (real time strategy), TPS (third person shooter), MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), Puzzle, Action, Adventure, Simulation and Survival.

So what games do I have? I only play f2p ( Free 2 [to] Play) or ftp (Free to Play) games. Those two are the same thing but different ways to type. I own a MMOTPS (Massively Online Multiplayer, Third Person Shooter) call WoTB (World of Tanks Blitz). I also own a Sandbox game called Minecraft. I have the education edition via my school but I play on the cracked edition of Minecraft Java. Cracked Minecraft is Minecraft but with some really good feature removed to make it free.

So how are these two games like? Minecraft is a game where you have almost infinity options to choose from. Of course with the base edition of the game called Vanilla Minecraft this is not possible but it come close. So you can make your options truly infinity with Mods made by players for users to add feature into Minecraft via Mod Loaders give almost infinity options when choosing what and how to do.

So how about World of Tanks Blitz. WoTB is a smaller version of World of Tanks at about up to 10 times smaller. WoTB has over 380 armoured vehicles while WoT has over 850 armoured vehicles. WoT is a PC and MAC only game while WoTB is available for PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Android, IOS, PC, MAC, and Xbox series X/S. Like how Minecraft Java is a PC, Mac and Linux only game, Minecraft Bedrock is a game for almost any platform in existence. Now the gameplay of WoTB. In WoTB you are a tank commander who can buy, research and sell any tank in the game. To earn credits (which are the in-game currency) and combat XP (which is used to research tanks) from winning and sometimes losing battles. Their are 10 tiers of vehicles and to get a vehicle of a higher tier you need to get the vehicle before it in the tech tree then research the vehicle and finally purchase it. Now what I've stated is just the tip of the iceberg in this game.

What games do I want in the future? Well first of I would love to be able to have a premium Minecraft Java account (an account that doesn't have any features removed and costs money), I would also like to get the physics comedy 'I Am Fish'. Another Couple of games are 'Biomutant', 'Ark of Craft Evolved', 'Undertale', 'Halo Infinity' and 'Meteoroid Dread'. This is just a microscopical amount of games but these are the ones I would first love to get.

If you know any good games (free or paid) that you believe I might enjoy please comment them down below.

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