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My Most Favourite and Least Favourite School Subjects

There are a lot of subjects in school. Not all are fun but some are a lot. Science, Mathematics, English, Italian, Music, Dance, Media, Visual Art, Tech and Humanities just to name a few. So what subjects do I like to do?

I love to do science because it helps you to understand the world and is surprisingly interesting. I also enjoy maths. Many people disagree with me but over 57% of students say maths is there favourite subject, although it is not my favourite subject. And lastly I enjoy tech a lot. Why? Because it teaches us skill that will be essential for our generation. And not everything in tech is internet related. We learn about programming, engineering and electronic skills. Our past assignment was making an animation in Microsoft PowerPoint. I had chosen to make an animation about a war zone with the left and right side fighting. Our latest assignment has been designing a bridge in a bridge design software, which I had trouble installing, and then recreating it in Minecraft Education Edition.

Now what subject is my least favourite. Italian. Why? Because it is a mandatory subject that we are given exams for and learn it since prep all the way to grade 9. After that Italian is optional. Why are we forced to learn a new language for a country we will likely not visit. Teach us German, Japanese or French so we will be more likely to use the language they teach us. And why do we need to be taking exams for a language for a country that most of us will not visit. Worst part is these exams are jut as important as the exams for the core subjects.

So these are my favourite and least favourite subjects from my school. I understand why you would be made to take exams for the core subjects but Italian I do not understand.

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