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My Opinion on School Subjects

Today I will be writing my opinion on subjects that are taught at my school. These are not the opinion of a collective or anybody else except mine.


I love maths, both for it being very entertaining and highly useful in my day to day life. It is overall a very enjoyable subject with a lot of variety


I also find science as enjoyable, if not more, than maths. Science holds the answers to so many of our problems in society, and gives you the ability to do amazing things.


I find humanities mildly entertaining. Although it is not near as enjoyable as maths or science I still find it ok. For those who don't know humanities is just a fancy name for history, geography, economics, and civil rights/politics all put together.


English is a subject that I at first did not like at all, but now it is starting to warm up to me. nowadays I find english an ok subject like humanities.


Art is a subject I am, and never was, relatively good at. Although I was quite good at replicating the work the teacher had set out for us to do, in my current grade where we have a lot more freedoms and have to create three dimensional objects, this is much harder to do.


Music is a very fun subject that, at times, can be quite terrifying (such as having to perform you own song in front of the whole class). But music teaches us a lot that we can use in other subject, such as easier ways to remember stuff (like face in space and egbdf on the lines [face stands for F A C and E notes which go on the spaces when reading music] [egbdf stands for Every Good Boy Deserves Fruit, which stands for E G B D F, the notes that go on the lines while reading music]).


I don't really have a well formed opinion on drama yet but from my current beliefs it is a fun subject to both perform in and watch other people perform in.

Digital Technologies

Digital Technologies is one of my favourite subjects where we learn to both touch type, the fastest (and I believe most difficult) way to type, and how to code in phyton, which is something I love to do, and learn.

Second Language

This subject is one of the most unpopular in the school and I agree with it. Of course learning a language besides english has a lot of positives, it's just not fun, and usually quite difficult.

Physical Education

It's sport. What more do I need to say? Sport is an amazing subject and probably the most fun one in the school.

We do have a couple other subject but those are to be completed in semester two. So until then is a my complete guide to my opinions of the subjects taught at my school!

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