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My Weekend

I have had an amazing and exciting weekend! We went to Sea Life on Saturday and to Big Drift on Sunday. So what are these places and what did we do there. Keep reading to find out.

What is Sea Life? Sea Life is a very popular aquarium in the Melbourne CBD (Central Business District). I believe it is now quite obvious what we did at Sea Life. My little sister (Jasika) had a lot of fun and got quite scared at first, by all the new sea creature she saw for the first time.

Now on to Big Drift. What is Big Drift? Big Drift is a semi-desert in Wilson Promontory Park. It's a two kilometre hike from the car park but it is worth it... on most days. On Sunday, it was very windy at Big Drift and anyone who's been in a very windy and sandy place can tell you, sand can sting a lot.

But beside that fault what would I call my weekend? I would still call it Exciting and fun.

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