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The extra long weekend.

A lot of stuff had happened during the extra long weekend! Attached is a Post about the first day of the Extra long weekend.

Now I will add in what has been happening in the previous few days. First of all I went to another family friends birthday party. I had a lot of fun there, and since they had set up party games it was even more fun. The party games where

  1. A game where you put a large amount of toothpick (around 5-13) into the top of a potato. Then you get the same number of straws as toothpicks and make another identical set-up. The two player then have to put the straws on all of the toothpicks, one by one, until one has all their straws on their toothpicks. AND YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO USE YOUR HAND.

  2. The next game was musical chairs. Need I say more.

  3. And the final game was throwing a ring/hoop onto a target. We used glow-bracelets for the hoops and a soda bottle for the target.

We also went to one more, less fun party.

Over all I had a fun extra long weekend. I we nt to a few party. And at the end I had a very good day at school.

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