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Today's Feelings

We had special breakfast for breakfast today. A funny thing happened today. Me, Jasika, and my parents went to a very unpopular park and as we arrived it started to hail and it hailed a lot. We also lost a very cool triangular boomerang.

My sister is very good at doing front-flips. My dad tried to teach us how to do them but me and my mum were very unable to but my sister acted as if shed done them her whole life. My dad also was impressed when I was able to do them half-way and land sideways.

My dad gave me a hair cut and didn't cut the top, against my personal opinion. He did end up doing a good job that I appreciate. My dad also cut his own hair. While I was having a shower after my haircut, just before I finished my shower the drain got clogged.

Fun Fact About Me: I love Pokémon but have never played, and don't mind not playing, the games. Plushies, cards and books are more than enough for me to understand and appreciate the franchise.

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