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What do I want for my Birthday

What do I want for my birthday? Well I would love to have a party with my close friends but I am a good kid and understand that this would not be possible so I'm going to list the next best thing, a gift. Well what gift. Well I will type my top 4 down in order.

  1. A Steam Deck

  2. A PS5

  3. A Nintendo Switch OLED

  4. An X-Box series X or S or

For the Steam Deck I will list the top 3 games I would want.

  1. I Am Fish

  2. Portal 2

  3. No Mans Sky

For the PS5 I would like.

  1. No Mans Sky

  2. PvZ GW2

  3. COD BO 4

And lastly for the Switch OLED I would like.

  1. Meteoroid Dread

  2. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

  3. Pokémon Brilliant Diamond or Overcooked 2 and Minecraft (which together are cheaper)

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