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What I want to be when I grow up.

What do I want to be when I grow up? To answer this question, I need to know what I am good at, what I like doing, and what fits in both of these categories. I will also be focusing on average pay, and work hours. First what I'm good at and/or like doing.

What am I good at? Academically I am very good at mathematics, science, robotics, and art while non-academically I am not good at much. What do I like to do? Well I like science, mathematics, tech, programming, robotics and eat. Of course eating will not normally get you a career but in rare cases it might.

*Disclaimer: All salary's are yearly figures*

Now lets look at jobs that I could be good at and/or like to do:

Being a biologist would be a job I would highly enjoy and having moderate pay, averaging about 79,000 AUD a year.

Being a software developer is another job I believe I would regard highly among my interests while having moderate pay, with 72,000 AUD average and common case going up to 101,000 AUD.

Being a mathematician is another job I believe I would be highly interested in with, once again moderate pay, averaging about 69,000 AUD but having a huge range going from 32,000 AUD all the way up to 371,000 AUD!

Being a chemist is another job I feel I would enjoy and ,as usual, has a moderate pay, averaging in at about 75,000 AUD.

Being a physicist is another job opportunity that fits both my interests and my skills having a high pay, averaging at about 157,000 AUD.

One of my top jobs would be being a game developer. Reason being it fits very highly in my interest all while having a very unstable moderate pay. Game Developers earn an average of 70,000 AUD with rare dips going down to 45,000 AUD and occasionally good projects, or a burst in popularity, that can increase the yearly salary to over 1,000,000 AUD, all depending on the popularity of the game, the tax taken by the games publisher or a game library (such as a publisher like Sony or a game library like Steam), the price of the game, how many people worked on the game, and whether update cost money or sequels are released or other games are worked on.

These are merely my personal favourites but other people will have different opinions so please comment down below your favourite job and your average salary. Please do comment honestly and most of all, please comment. I am just a child with a dream so I do not have a job yet.

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