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What is my favourite holiday.

I has been on quite a lot of holidays although none during this year (due to the pandemic). So what would be my favourite one. to answer this I will need to remember what holidays I've been on. Before the pandemic we used to visit our family in India bi-annually, such thee are trips I know I've had, I've also been to Singapore for my birthday. I have been on a lot of other holidays to at least 7 different countries but these are all I can remember. Of the two my trip to Singapore must be my favourite.

Why? Because of a lot of things. First of all it was winter when we went to Singapore, but in Australia it was summer. How does this relate? Well during what is supposed to be the coldest part of the year in Singapore, the country was getting extremely high temperatures in the high 20s to mid 30s. I also got a pair of Pokémon card booster packs. And most of all, it was my birthday.

Please comment any places that you have been to for holidays or otherwise.

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