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What would I like to do

Hello everyone and today I will be writing about things I would like to do or learn how to do. This can include anything from learning an instrument to learning how to fly a plane, although this list will only take into account things I could do right now or in a couple of months.

First of all, I would like to learn how to play an instrument. Specifically guitar. I have always wanted to learn how to play guitar from a young age as I took music lessons when I was barely a couple of years into school, although I eventually decided to drop these lessons. Later I tried to learn via youtube and other similar sites but that didn't last very long. It would feel like a big accomplishment to me to be able to have finally done something that I had continually failed to do before.

Another thing that I have tried to do before but have not successfully done is learning how to program or code. This is something I have wanted to do from the day I realized that a lot of things such as cars, phones, TVs, smart speakers, applications/programs, and games. I have always loved the thought of being able to program my own app or game. I have tried to learn this before but never really understood what I was doing. Because of this I never really got around to making anything.

Another thing that I have wanted to do is learn how to drive. But since I am not eligible for a driver's license I would love to do the next best thing. Learn how to race. In Australia, people can apply for a non-speed or junior-speed license from the age of 12! Or you can go to a Ricciardo's Racers event which is for people under the age of 17 but older than 12. As participation in this event, you will be given a junior speed license.

So now I hope that you have learned something about me or have inspired yourself to try something new.

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