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Why am I moving Schools?

Why do I want to move schools? Which school will I move to? Keep reading to know the answer to both. First I will address which school I am going to go to. The school is called TKIS which stands for The Kilmore International School. Now why do I want to move schools? For a better future and a better chance at university, and such a good job.

Now how do I feel about this transition? I feel both excited and nervous. Why am I nervous? Well like any first day at/in something you will feel nervous and especially since the only person I know is a family friend I barely know. And why am I excited? Because this is a new place and I have a lot of new opportunities. And since this school has a higher average ATAR I will have a better chance of going into a better university.

So what is my final opinion on this? Well I feel like it is a good idea to move but some things, like my friends, just won't be the same.

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