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Why I use IXL




Before I begin this blog post I would like to say what is IXL. IXL stands for 'I Excel' meaning 'I Do Best/Better than usual'. It is a site where you learn about mathematics and english, and goes from preschool all the way up to 12th grade. To access the courses on the site you need to pay a subscription plan that can be paid weekly, monthly or yearly. I am in 7th grade but do 8th grade work in maths while doing a mix of grade 7 and grade 8 work for english. I've not seen much improvement in myself but I have had improvement and learnt thing that I would of otherwise not known.

To conclude IXL is a highly regarded education service in my opinion. I have benefitted a lot with using it and I believe it is overpriced if you have one child. With a family plan you can get any number of accounts (up to ten plus the parent) with the same login with the only exception being the option to add a secret word by the parent so each child can only access their account. just maths or just english costs' $12 a month for one child with each extra child costing only $3 extra. Having both maths and english costs $20 and again an extra $3 for each extra child. Over all though I find this a very helpful program.

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