Why I Want A Dog

So why do I want a dog, and why do I think we should get one? For a couple of reasons. Self-esteem, my mental state, relaxation, having a friend that is always there for us, and my physical state. I will now explain these in further detail.

Firstly, A dog has been proven to raise many critical skills in life, such as confidence, self-esteem and mental health. A dog is comforting and become very attached to its owner, and visa versa. This means a dog is like a best friend and a family rolled into one. This also helps with self-esteem by making you feel better.

Dog are the most loyal of any animal, just a few search's of instances where dogs have displayed loyalty can show millions- if not billions of results. These actions can also, often increase your lifespan by a few years. Now how do dogs help with a person's physical state? By playing with them. Many dog breeds are quite active, and while not all dogs are like this, the majority are. They get you to play fetch, take them for walks, train them, chase them, and much more.

As you can most surely see by now, there is almost no reason not to get a dog besides allergies, which no one in my family has. There are dog if you live with cats, if you are frail or unactive, if you run marathons daily, if you have a small apartment, if you have a big backyard, if you need help on a farm, .e.t.c. So now I hope I have helped you, dear reader, to decide to get a dog.

Fun Fact About Me: I like dogs.

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