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Window 11

Today I had updated my PC to Window 11. Now this is a big deal because I am only used to either Windows 10 or MacOS. So what is different in Windows 11 from Windows 10? Quite a lot. If you already have Windows 11, you should still keep reading so you can get another opinion on the matter.

First of, visuals. Now I personally did not like the default look of Windows 11 as much as Windows 10 but with a bit of customising It was much much different. The rounded edges of windows is a nice touch as well as the simpler taskbar icons. With the default taskbar alignment, the icons stay in the centre of the taskbar but I changed the settings so it was much more like Windows 10. Previously my accent colour was yellow but certain shades of green better fitted the new GUI for me.

Now performance. At first Windows 11 is slower than Windows 10 but with some simple optimizations Windows 11 can do the same things as Window 10 while using less CPU and RAM. Of course snap windows is a cool feature that can be gotten most simply but pressing windows key - Z. Desktop Icon, despite having the option to be smaller than Windows 10, take up twice as much space in Window 11. I do not mean this file-wise but as the actual space on the screen. A battery percentage icon app was useful but not optimal. On Windows 10 it showed a clear indicator of battery percentage while on Windows 11 you have to hover over the icon to know.

Overall I have a split opinion on Windows 11 and would recommend to wait before upgrading so the version is slightly more advanced but if not, you should still upgrade while it is free.

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